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Add a touch of feline charm to your room with our delightful Wooden Trim Corners for Door Decoration. These wooden pieces are specially designed to be placed above the door, infusing your space with whimsy and personality. Made from high-quality wood and carefully painted, these trim corners are available in two captivating cat-themed designs.

Choose between two charming options: one featuring a playful cat entangled in a ball of string, and the other showcasing a heartwarming scene of a cat and mouse together. Each design is meticulously crafted to bring a sense of joy and curiosity to your surroundings.

With the option to select either a classic black color or a vibrant color combination, you have the flexibility to match the trim corners to your existing room decor or create a standout feature that captures attention.

These wooden trim corners are not only decorative but also easy to install. They effortlessly enhance the visual appeal of your space, whether it's a bedroom, playroom, or any other room in your home. The durable wood construction ensures their longevity, allowing you to enjoy their charm for years to come.

Please note: Due to the handmade nature of these wooden trim corners, slight variations in color and design may occur, making each piece truly unique.

Add a touch of feline whimsy with our Wooden Trim Corners for Door Decoration today, and let these delightful accents bring a smile to your face every time you walk through the door.

Wooden Trim Corners for Door Decoration - Cat-themed Designs